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What key pieces pull any woman's entire wardrobe together? In my humble opinion, the perfect black trousers, (or white, or beige in summer).

Personally I've scoured Indies, department stores, multiples, everywhere searching for the black pants I can dress up in the evening, wear for work, and throw a casual top over for everyday. Elusive. Very elusive, until now.

Meet By Sophie Rasmussen. This Danish range coming in sizes has the trousers to sit with any range, and plenty more.

We all know you can't get a rigid fabric that will fit a pear shape, and a straight up and down, and a thick waisted lady, but with the right fabric content including either high quality elastane or spandex, you can. What you really don't want having achieved this, is a trouser that bags and sags at the knee or on the bum because of the stretch. These don't.

What would make this even better? How about being able to pick the exact size breakdown within a pack of 6 to suit your customer base? Oh g'won then.

What was that? You'd like to have a proven track record of sales all over Europe where not one shop has failed to repeat once they've had an initial order for these wonder pants? Oh g'won then.

The rest of the By Sophie Rasmussen range is on express delivery, so every 10 weeks or so there's something new and fresh to delight your customers with, and easy cash flow for you. The Essentials range, including the trousers in on stock for 72 hour delivery (or quicker) and that's free delivery ladies and gents, with colours changing seasonally. Full length, Capri pants, skinny fit and wide leg.

What's not to like?

Please call me for an appointment and I'll be knocking on your door before you know it. Whilst you're at it, take a look at HEART for AW12 too. Books are still open on this fabulous brand, with killer coats at great prices to afford you an obscene margin!